Tomáš Piešťanský

full-stack web developer


A few lines about me

Tomáš Piešťanský

I have always loved spending way too much time on the computer and I have built many crappy websites and side projects, from which some are dating back to 2008 and are still running.

Soon after I started studying the technical University I received a job opportunity and relocated to Prague, where I lived and worked for about 4 years on various projects as a front-end developer.

After moving back to the home-town I've kept working remotely as a front-end developer for Refresh, s.r.o. for more than 3 years, which lead me to another company called KVIKYMART (I know, funny name, but full of extraordinary people!), where I have transitioned to a full-stack web developer position utilizing React, Node.js and Amazon Web Services knowledge.

My experience

From 486 computer to the latest Macbook Pro


My first PC (Intel 486), learned to type, played around with MS-DOS


Started digging into the web, first HTML pages, CSS.


Learned PHP/MySQL, built a closed-source CMS and earned first income a year later.


Moved to Prague, started my career. Worked in various teams as an HTML coder.

2014 - 2017

Cooperated with Refresh, s.r.o. on various projects as a front-end developer


Joined KVIKYMART as a front-end developer and slowly transitioned to a full-stack web developer.

  • developed various React components & apps
  • test coverage using react-testing-library principles
  • designed multiple micro-services using Node.js & DynamoDB - running on AWS

You can checkout my LinkedIn profile for further details on my work history and experience.