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Tomáš Piešťanský

Tomáš Piešťanský

front-end developer

About me

I'm creative-thinking front-end developer born and raised in the Czech Republic, worked on various project around the globe since my early 20s.

I'm fluent in HTML 5, CSS 3 and I'm improving my Javascript skills every day. I've recently started experimenting with Amazon Web Services.

I have experience with the following tools, libraries and services:

  • React, Redux, React Router
  • AWS - AppSync, Amplify, DynamoDB, Lambda
  • GraphQL
  • Webpack, Babel, Ant Design

Over the past few years I have teamed up with:

  • Refresh, s.r.o
  • UPC
  • Cinestar
  • Summit Media
  • Webmium
  • Develion Art

But more importantly:

  • I'm self-motivated
  • I have the ability to learn and overcome challenges
  • I am positive thinking, friendly (and sometimes even funny) person